Lunchconferentie met Prof. dr. William SCHABAS - 26 november 2018

Lunchconferentie met Prof. dr. William SCHABAS - 26 november 2018

Maandag 26 november 2018

Lunchconferentie over

“The Trial of the Kaiser: The Dawn of International Prosecution”

door Prof. dr. William SCHABAS,
Professor International Law, Middlesex University London, Universiteit Leiden, Sciences Po Paris

Inleider Prof. dr. Jan WOUTERS, Gewoon hoogleraar internationaal recht en internationale organisaties, KU Leuven

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Within days of the armistice on 11 November 1918, the victors began planning a trial of Kaiser Wilhelm II.  Article 227 of the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 accordingly pledged a trial of the Kaiser by an international tribunal, “for a supreme offence against international morality and the sanctity of treaties”. But the Netherlands gave asylum to the Kaiser and refused to extradite him and the tribunal was never established.
This landmark attempt to establish the first ever international criminal tribunal was part of an extremely dynamic period in international lawmaking, but enthusiasm soon died down and the project was not seriously revived until World War II. Because of the Wilhelm II precedent, the idea of executing the World War II criminals without trial was immediately set aside and the Nürnberg Tribunal was established (1945).
Later on, special international criminal tribunals were created for the former Yugoslavia (1993), Rwanda (1994), Sierra Leone (2002), Lebanon (2009) and Kosovo (2015).
Finally, the International Criminal Court was established in 2002 as a permanent body. To date there have been 3 convictions and 6 acquittals, with several other cases at the trial or pre-trial stage.
Much progress has been made since the attempted trial of the Kaiser. But is the current international criminal law system really that effective ? How far are we from an effective sanctioning system with regard to crimes against humanity, genocide, etc. ? Is there scope for empowering the ICC with universal jurisdiction ? And why does Africa appear to be so reluctant?

Deze conferentie vindt plaats op maandag 26 november 2018 om 12u30 in de Universitaire Stichting, Egmontstraat 11 te 1000 Brussel (Metro Troon, parking Naamse Poort). Aperitief vanaf 12u00.

Voorzitter van VIRA

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Dear members and sympathisers of VIRA,

On Monday 26 November 2018 at 12h30, VIRA is organising, in cooperation with The Leuven Centre for Global  Governance Studies, a lunch-conference by Prof. dr. William SCHABAS, a leading international authority and both a theoretician and a practitioner of international criminal law, about “The Trial of the Kaiser : The Dawn of International Prosecution”. He will also enter into the latest developments of international criminal law and b introduced by Prof. dr. Jan Wouters, professor of International Law  and International Organisations at the University of Louvain.

This conference will take place on Monday 26 november 2018 at 12h30 at the University Foundation, Egmontstraat 11, 1000 Brussels (Metro Trône, parking Porte de Namur). Aperitif from 12u00.

It will be my pleasure to welcome you at this new activity of VIRA.


Chairman of VIRA

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