Avondconferentie met Christine BEERLI - 26 februari 2018

Avondconferentie met Christine BEERLI - 26 februari 2018

Maandag 26 februari 2018

Avondconferentie over

"The civilian population bears the brunt of modern conflicts. Is International Humanitarian Law still appropriate ?"

door Christine BEERLI,
Vice-president of the International Committee of the Red Cross

gevolgd door een debat met de zaal (fr/en)

Inleider en moderator: Baldwin DE VIDTS, vml. NATO International Staff Legal Adviser.

It is often alleged today that widespread violations have made the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) deriving from the 4 Geneva conventions of 1949 and their protocols less relevant or no longer relevant at all: In many situations, States are unable or unwilling to meet the basic needs of civilians, referring to military, political and security-related concerns; New technologies such as cyber-war techniques, remotely controlled weapons systems, drones, automated weapons systems and combat robots pose legal and practical challenges for IHL norms; Terrorists and other non-State armed groups intermingling with civilians claim not to be bound by IHL and so do the State authorities combating them.

And yet, in substance, IHL has grown stronger, not weaker, over the past years. It is the most immediate form of prevention of conflicts. A range of new international treaties have been ratified by States; International courts and tribunals produce judgments on the basis of IHL; States and non-State armed actors have been trained in this body of law; IHL is integrated into States' domestic legal orders more than ever before. Governmental and non-governmental organisations are more than ever active in the field.

How can we better bridge the gap between the development of IHL and the situation on the ground?

Beyond the law, what is the role of the international community in addressing the causes and consequences of armed conflicts?

De lezing vindt plaats op maandag 26 februari 2018 om 18u00 in de Universitaire Stichting, Egmontstraat 11 te 1000 Brussel (Metro Troon).  Rond 19u30 wordt een cocktail aangeboden. Einde rond 20u30.

Ik zal u gaarne verwelkomen op deze nieuwe activiteit.

Met vriendelijke groet,

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